My Little Red Book

Kauder-Nalebuff, Rachel. (2009). My Little Red Book. New York: Twelve.

When I first saw this book I was instantly reminded of the The Little Red School Book (an awesome book I HIGHLY recommend you read… if you can find it!) so I grabbed it off the libraryLittle Red School Bookshelf and checked it out without even reading the back cover. This left me rather surprised when I discovered that the contents of the book were various, first-hand, anecdotes about women’s first periods. I would recommend this book to females because people need guidance especially when starting something new. On one hand women are supposed to feel a powerful sense of pride and maturity when they begin menstruating. But, on the other hand, it is portrayed in advertisements as a dirty secret to be corrected in solitude. We live in a culture where biased information is used to propagate consumption. Literature, I say, is a cure! That’s why I would also recommend this book to guys. For guys it is hard to imagine what periods are like generally, let alone understand how another experiences it.

Through the voices of a variety eloquent females, such as Judy Blume, males can glean a more accurate understanding of what their female peers are experiencing. We live in a liberal democracy (at least we have with the illusion of living in one), but still we need to be more understanding and we still need to treat each other better! I believe this book can help with that.


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