First Step 2 Forever

First Step 2 Forever

Bieber Time Books. (2010). Justin Bieber; First step to forever; My story. HarperCollins: New York

Justin Bieber… I don’t even know where to start with this guy. Well, I guess the obvious is as a good a place to start as any. Justin is handsome and he has musical talent. Unfortunately, those two factors seem to comprise all of Justin’s talents. Why? Well, maybe because, as his “autobiography” states, his mom let him perform in the streets to make money to go to Disneyland… Given his knowledge of Germany I suspect this street hustling was the pinnacle of Justin’s home schooling. The writing is terrible… Basically I don’t think any of the text matters and people should avoid looking at it, lest they adopt the bad habits within. In terms of plot this book is booooooring, and everything seems exaggerated, hence why I have tagged this “literature” as both non-fiction and fantasy.

However, if you like Justin Bieber (please forgive my continual ranting) this is a great book because for all intents and purposes this is a picture book. The highly manicured photos are very captivating, I will admit (Oh, the Biebs is soooo dreamy!). This is a great book for sinking your little heart into if you can’t stand to be without a full page spread of Justin’s face staring, starry-eyed, into your soul. Otherwise it’s good for a cynical laugh if you’re feeling patient.

I recognize my bitterness may stem from the fact that Justin Beiber is 16 (maybe 17 by now), but has more money than I will ever see, and it was I who was drawn to reading his autobiography, not the other way around.

Ps- This is a pretty cool dubstep remix of Beiber’s Baby


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