The Gunslinger Born

David, P., King, S., Eliopoulos, C., Isanove, R., Furth, R., & Lee, J. (2007). Stephen King : The dark tower: The gunslinger born. New York: Marvel Pub.

The Dark Tower Series : The Gunslinger Born
Never forget the face of your Father. As well if you’re going to embark on an endless journey through a futuristic western wasteland forever chasing the man in black…  do so as a reader, rather than a gunslinger.

I think that this series of graphic novels is PERFECT for reluctant readers for the following reasons:

1) The Lee and Isanove work excellently together respectively drawing the ink and laying the colour. Visual appeal is 10/10!
2) It is what we call a Hi/Lo book: high interest, low reading level
3) The subject matter is very guy friendly (sorry to single us out guys, but it’s a fact: Guys read way less than girls)
4) The graphic novel is in a series so there’s another book waiting for you if you like this one
5) The graphic novel is based on a series of print novels by Stephen King. Want to know the story with more detail, can’t find the next graphic novel, well then by all means, please go pick up the real deal: Stephen King’s Dark Tower series!

Those are the reasons these graphic novels are great. However,  I do have a bone to pick with the one-dimensional women characters in this book. Come on guys! Girls are awesome too and it bugs me seeing worlds in which they barely exist! Not my kinda place, thank you very much. I have not yet read the full length novels so I’m not sure if the sexism is inherent in the story, or just crept in during the abbreviation from novel to comic. 

So far I believe only three graphic novels have been published, so if you’re still keen on the story by book three be prepared for a bit of reading… an activity you may find surprisingly enjoyable.


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