GloomCookie Vol.1

Valentino, S. & Naifeh, T. (2001). GloomCookie. San José, Ca: Slave Labor Graphics.

The GloomCookie world reminds me of being 14 to an almost painful degree… oh the drama and angst of it all!
I like the art, although Ted Naifeh has done better stuff. Mostly this is because things of a gothic nature appeal to me (hence the HR Giger in my featured artist section). The story is fairly interesting, although there were a few too many characters and I had a hard time keeping up with who wasSebastian’s Monster related to who and who was in love with (or at least sleeping with) who… Also Sebastian’s Monster confused me at first, but I kinda figured it out. After all, I think It was my favourite character!

I’m not sure how old the characters are supposed to be, they drink and have sex, activities associated with people aged 17+, or so, but the dialogue is junior high material, at best! In fact, there are many places where…excuse the junior high lingo… the dialogue is downright barf worthy. Still though, I think this is an entertaining book and effectively stylized to give the reader a good sense of what being in the GloomCookie worlds is all about.

Another interesting addition to this book is that Naifeh has a bunch of his preliminary sketches in the back of the book (not uncommon in the graphic novel world). As well, there are a few pages of fan art, which isn’t that great, but it’s nice to see the GloomCookie community supporting its own.

This book is exactly what I picture a gloom cookie to be. A nice dark treat, with little nutritional value.


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