L8r, g8r

Myracle, L. (2007). L8r, g8r. New York: Amulet Books.

It may make me sound like Luddite, but I can’t stand texting language… I hate it hate it HATE IT! I can stomach acronyms like WTF, LOL, TTYL, etc. but when everything is shortened down it makes me cringe. It was with this sentiment that grudgingly checked out a Lauren Myracle book from the library. I will admit that in my mind I was already trashing it.

However, as I read it the drama of the girls stories helped me digest the atrocious

through in this book, mostly “relationship” firsts if you catch my drift, despite it being the third book in the series and as always I support dialogues about taboo subjects. However, my belief is that language is used to express thoughts and feelings and I feel IM style “literature” might amuse teens, but won’t help them mature and grow. Simple sentences combined with incorrect spelling serves only to reinforce the level that teen fans of this series are already in. It seems unlikely to spur them on to greater intelligence, which is not to say that teens won’t develop on their own and ditch this style of “writing” as they get older and their tastes refine.

Basically, this was not my type of book at all, but I’m glad to have read it so that I was able to see some positive aspects. One unexpected positive aspect is that after reading this book I really, really want to read some adult fiction to cleanse my brain of the vapidity to which it has been exposed.


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