The Vlogbrothers

Green, J. & Green H. Vlogbrothers Channel [Video file]. Retrieved from

I consider myself lucky to have the friends that I have. In addition to being awesome generally they are all very good at constantly recommending stuff for me to check out… and no they are not ALL librarians, although they are all adults*. Not that being a librarian is a suspect thing. Librarians posses a very wide breadth of knowledge and generally are capable of navigating the interconnected infrastructures of information… also they can be authors, geologist, military personnel, or ninjas** in addition to being librarians which is friggin’ sweet.

The point is, a friend of mine recommend I watch some Vlogbrothers action on Youtube. Of course upon her initial suggestion I was like “Yea! Sounds awesome, I’ll check that out for sure!” Fast forward four or five months… and bang! Boom! I check that shit out! And you know what? It is great.

Reasons the Vlogbrothers are great:
1. They are funny
2. They are smart

(Warning: Can get QUITE nerdy at parts. As an amateur snob it is with relish that I deride some of Hank’s “character” voices. BUT, if you watch enough episodes of both Vlogbrothers and you will learn things that will make you a better person, both academically and socially.)

3. John is a writer and it is really cool to have a tangible sense of “knowing him” by watching him and his brother interact. This intensifies the reading his of books a great deal, or at least it did for me.
4. According to Johns calculations Vlogbrother videos have been viewed 122 000 000 times. In fact their Youtube channel has more subscribers than Operah…Pwned!!!

My favourite episodes are too numerous to list, in addition to the fact that I haven’t watched all of the 820 videos uploaded, nor have I seen all of the episodes of Brotherhood 2.0, the experiment that began this whole online brother phenomenon.
Still I would recommend the episodes where John plays Google auto-fill, the two episodes involving Hank setting the punishment for John missing his turn at sending a vlog entry and the subsequent video of John eating a fat sandwich. And John defending himself from claims by fanatics that he is a “pornographer.”

I’ll be done John Green’s Paper Town in a few days. I’ll tell ya how I feel about by and bye. (So far it’s awesome, can you believe it).

PS – They also have a website for Nerdfighters and other open minded folks. Don’t forget to be awesome!

* They have their own jobs, houses, cars, and grey hairs can be found randomly across their heads.

**Okay so, I don’t know anyone who is ACTUALLY both a ninja and a librarian. However according to this infographic Martial arts ranks above blogging in librarians interests. I find this a highly dubious statement.


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