Weird Site Formatting

I’m not sure what’s going on with blog posts overflowing into the widgets on the side on my home page. As far as I can tell I haven’t done anything too drastic to the site, just wrote another post and changed the background (you like?). I’ve been crawling through the CSS sheet (which I hadn’t even touched in the first place!) but have now given up after being informed that my adjustments won’t be saved ’till I pay up… Hence nothing has been fixed. I am hoping that the second best troubleshooting advice (second only to actually fixing the problem) will work out: Shut’er down and come back tomorrow, things may back to normal.


One response to “Weird Site Formatting

  1. So, leaving things for a couple of days didn’t seem to fix the problem… surprise, surprise. Since this site is likely to be viewed by only myself, my friends and potential employers I am hesitant to sink some $$$ in to it… Even though I support WordPress and the amount of free stuff they are willing to share (I’m sure they’re doing so sort of data mining so it’s probably not a total loss for the developers). As well, it seems more recent posts are adhering to the format I had originally decided upon, so after a few posts hopefully the posts that aren’t behaving will be buried in the blogroll. When accessed individually they all adhere to the proper format…so that’s how you should view them if you want to… sorry for the inconvenience).

    Cheers, Matt

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