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Information Literacy PLEASE

Hear me out:

I wanted to verify the French spelling of Banana so I wouldn’t look uncultured in the SMS I was crafting for my girlfriend. I googled “banana in french” (…but without the quotation marks b/c I wuz B-ing a lazy 1) and looked at a few pages which DIDN’T contain the singular spelling, Hautement frustrant – la! I normally go to Google translate right off the bat because I have enough basic French to be able to sift through the possible translations and find one the fits better than the others. Once again, not sure what I was doing here, but bare with me.

I wound up on the WikiAnswers page for “How do you spell Banana in french.” The page contained the information I sought (Banane, fyi). However, the page was so cluttered with ads that I had to actively search to find the information.

Where do your eyes go first? To the Answer? Or to an Ad?

The girl in the pink shirt really caught my eye. Hey, what’s she doing? Better check the ad out.

Here, check it out for yourself:
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Judith G. Klausner (JGK)

This morning when the tendrils of the internet unfurled to collect me for the day I discovered a pearl in their murky folds. A friend, and textile artist, had posted about Judith G. Klausner’s embroidered toast.

Wow, man! Embroidered toast!?!

Jana Sterbak’s Meat Dress, 1991. (Photo: John Major/Ottawa Citizen).

Well, what else are you supposed to do sitting around in your meat dress? The future is now.

In addition to embroidering toast (and possibly buttering some felt) JGK creates stitch work on Chex cereal, wallpaper patterned with condiments, she sculpts with bee related items, as well as parts of her own body. Be sure to check out her authentic eyeball and kidney Leaning Tower of Pisa recreation….
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