Judith G. Klausner (JGK)

This morning when the tendrils of the internet unfurled to collect me for the day I discovered a pearl in their murky folds. A friend, and textile artist, had posted about Judith G. Klausner’s embroidered toast.

Wow, man! Embroidered toast!?!

Jana Sterbak’s Meat Dress, 1991. (Photo: John Major/Ottawa Citizen).

Well, what else are you supposed to do sitting around in your meat dress? The future is now.

In addition to embroidering toast (and possibly buttering some felt) JGK creates stitch work on Chex cereal, wallpaper patterned with condiments, she sculpts with bee related items, as well as parts of her own body. Be sure to check out her authentic eyeball and kidney Leaning Tower of Pisa recreation….

Just kidding 😉 It’s mostly nail clippings and baby teeth (origin of baby unkown).

Anyway, another medium JGK uses is Oreos. Instead of cramming them into her mouth until her cheeks bulge with the sweet bliss of indulgence like a normal person (ie. me) she uses them to create beautiful art.

Like the Greeks of old (in style only, of course) she creates intricate facial profiles of men and women in the icing filling with one of the cookie sides removed and the other cookie side the backdrop and frame for the silhouette.

In general perusing JGK’s website is a pleasing experience. It is clean; white background, black letters, dignified font. The pictures all displayed in a straightforward clarity that lets nothing distract, taint, or take away from the striking magnificence of JGK’s creativity and attention to detail. (Kisses finger tips to the sky in show of appreciation)

It helps that both art and cooking books tend to be of the large colour picture variety. Stand some of those up on a table, throw in some other random books about inventors, or biographies about creative pioneers and other weirdoes. Bring out a bag of oreos and some tooth picks (or exacto knives if you’re one of those libraries with $$$) and you’ve got yourself a makeshift library program.

Boom. Amazing art shared. Connection to Libraries established… Delicious; I’m outta here!

PS – Part of what I like about JGK’s creations is the ingenuity she shows in recreating classic art in extremely unexpected forms. Yes, of course the Oreo Portraits look like the amazing work of a well-skilled artist (becasue they are). However what really sticks about the creations is that the original ones were fairly standard clay productions, as featured in the image on the left. This is the innovative inspiration that I think would be really beneficial to kids in a library program. Food is fun and thinking outside the box is becoming a necessity not just to survive, but to thrive. Thanks for the inspiration JGK!… Now lets see you make a Parthenon out of Shredded Wheat 😉 !


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