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Don't destroy the world in the first chapter. You'll need it later.


Cool is not the same as fashion or popularity.

Cool includes a perceived ability to see the flipside or alternative side of things; an ability that multicultural-perspective people or ethnic minorities are uniquely believed to possess.

Cool is quirky, innovative and tolerant.

Cool is an attitude and a hope.1

You are cooler than you think. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

I am MrMattCool (Otherwise known as Matt Cole in the “real-o-sphere”).  A librarian, a reader, a drawer, an optimists (at least I hope so!), etc.

If you want to just find some books quickly by genre, or otherwise appropriate tag, please check out my tag cloud top right. However if you’ve got some time, check out the site, peruse the Reader’s List on my Home page, check out the artists I like, etc.

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1 Unfortunately, I’m not cool enough to have come up with this list on my own. It was discover by my girlfriend and she sent me the quote from the following source:

Maher, J. C. (November 18, 2005). Metroethnicity, language, and the principle of Cool. International Journal of the Sociology of Language, 2005, 83-102.


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