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Lady Gaga – Oh lala

I bet that anyone who has heard at least five Lady Gaga songs will be a fan of at least one (probably two) of them. Whether they are open with this or stubbornly feign superiority, only to return home and submit to a personal Youtube dance party, the bond will be there. Her debut The Fame is a party waiting to be played. Despite the (over)exposure of songs like Pokerface and Lovegame I will never tire of those opening bars. Her new album, Born this Way still won’t be released for a few days yet, but thanks to the magic of the internet I’ve already been able to hear a quarter of it. Nothing’s jumped out at me yet, but it has got my foot tappin’ and I must admit that kind of makes me even more eager to hear the album.
In addition to being a brave artist Stefani Germanotta/Lady Gaga/Mother Monster is also a really nice person. This personal address by Lady Gaga is a perfect example of why lady gaga deserves to get respect and at the same time will also provide you with the live performance of two of her new tracks Judas and Born this way.

Another weird sign of Lady Gaga’s popular appeal is this ad for Gagaville bthat has been appearing in the sidebar of my Facebook page recently: Gagaville!?! WTF!!!
Finally, Grannies and Gaga together at last!

Whether you like or not (but secretly do like her anyway) you’ve gotta let a person grow! She’s come along way from writing lyrics for Britney Spears and that’s a good thing (maybe not so much for Britney, but that’s not the fish I’m frying right now).