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Guardian of the Dead

Healey, K. (2010). Guardian of the dead. New York: Little, Brown and Co

I don’t know why, but reading this book gives me the feeling of watching a movie. Partially this is due to the cover on which the main characters white mask can’t help but remind me of countless scenes in popular culture horror where killers and creeps walk around in similar disguises. While the story started out formulaically enough for that to have been the case, I am pleased to say that after all the suspense was built and built, Healey delivered with some interesting twists! No spoiler, don’t worry, unless even knowing there’s a twist spoils it for you.

I like Ellie as a main character because she’s strong and doesn’t put up with garbage from people. I’m not a huge fan about her always being upset about being bigger than average, especially since that size is part of what helps her kick butt! Still I think that she’ll rub off on most of you readers and the story (after about 60-80 pages or so) gets into some really cool stuff with Maori folklore and mythology. Kia mau ki to Maoritanga.

Napier: Ellie’s home town