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The Other Side of Truth

Naidoo, B. (2000). The other side of truth. London: Puffin Books.

This story focuses on the lives of two Nigerian children who are forced to flee their home after the “Brass Buttons” of Nigeria’s ruling powers assassinate their mother in retribution for the political newspaper writings of their father. The heroine, Sade (pronounced Sha-day) and her younger brother Femi, are sent to London with a stranger to find an uncle who has gone missing. Abandoned on the cold London streets they eventually wind up as refugees with the British immigration services. This book touches on many painful, but important topics, racial violence, immigration, bullying in school, the inequity that exists within and between world states… all in all this is a very powerful book, both painful and inspiring to read. When it was first published this book won the Carnagie award for children’s literature, amongst many others, and a stand alone sequel, Web of Lies, has subsequently been published by Beverly Naidoo.