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The Eleventh Hour

Just whipped up a quick book trailer for Jeff Hirsch’s debut novel, The Eleventh Plague.

It was agreat read and I really wanted to do another book trailer… try out some different flava’s, y’know!

The song in the background is Stem/Long Stem/Transmission 2 off of DJ Shadow’s AMAZING album, Endtroducing. Check out the full song here on the Youtubes.

Hope you like my latest creation:



Yes, I do have particular tastes when it comes to what I listen to. I accept that others may not share my tastes, so I’ve decided to find the middle ground between today’s popular music and my remix style of choice: DUBSTEP. I know that a lot of dubstep can sound the same…

Time to bust-a-moose..er, I mean bust-a-MOVE!

Basically add “overwhelming bass lines and reverberant drum patterns.” to a song and voila you’ve got yourself a dubstep remix. I looked up the top ten Rihanna songs  and these are the dubstep remixes of them I liked the most. Make sure to check the comments underneath if you like the tracks as a lot of people provide links for free mP3 downloads!

Umbrella: Not a fan of the laugh, and the DJ could have used more of the vocals, but the tunage is solid. Getchya groove on! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ib09BFKo1zI

Russian Roulette: All the remixes of this song I found had trouble matching the slowness of Rihanna’s original with the intense bassw-blastin’. This one’s not too bad though: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Rgn9EMPVuo

Love The Way You Lie : A hard one to find a good dubstep version, way too many versions out there with people just wanking away on the bass. Not the greatest audio quality, but hey this is the Youtubes… deal with it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EX07fcJTmlg

Unfaithful : WhooooaaA Nelly! Dirty, dark dub! This remix fits the mood of the song and sounds sick to boot. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwWIUb-ZBbA

Love the Way You Lie, Pt. II : Not too many remixes out there for the Part II of “Love the Way You Lie”… and by now you may be getting sick of the Wub-wub-wubba-wub of fdubstep so here’s a remix that’s almost the complete opposite. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzyOLawZ0_8

Rude Boy :  Chrispy is one of the more prolific dubstep DJ’s on Youtube. This track is a good showcase of his skillz. You one Ruuuuude Boi, Chrispy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Kv3BkWnhIc&list=PL53D5D5AEB539C857&index=2&feature=plpp_video

Disturbia : Not sure how I feel about this track, but it’s getting all the props from other Youtubers so I’m willing to go with the flow on this one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3bJFVARlo8

What’s My Name : Blackmill’s remix of this song was the one getting most of the attention, but I opted for Catalyst’s version as it has a little more jazzyness. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NeZuhfLIag

S&M : CLAAAAASIC dubstep remix! Employs all the standard features; the Wub-wub, the grinding sub-bass lines, tha DROP. Dubmixes may be bad, but this DJ’s perfectly good at it 😉 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-Q2Xp4ZBw4

Don’t Stop the Music : Like a lot of her songs this track already has a pretty good beat. I couldn’t decide between these two remixes, as they are two of the few I heard that actually keep true to the songs main beat of the original song. They’re both pretty “brostep”-ish; ie. the focus is more on producing  earshredding bass than on  creating unique beats. Those who can’t critique, eh 😛 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dfc6gdldmL8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dfc6gdldmL8

Anywho that’s all for me today. Hope you’ve found something you like and worked up a nice, healthy layer of  dance sweat!

PS – Not a fan of Dubstep, well how about these two shots at the genre.

What Dubstep sounds like to your parents

Hank Hill’s opinion of Dubstep

How do you like them apples!?!

Trial & Error…and Success(?)

Look! Some efforts and signs of life!!!

I’ve been thinking of making a book trailer movie for a while and finally I’ve found the time! I’m pretty used to a variety of video capturing and editing software, but I’m still relying on the crutch of PowerPoint and the proprietary, albeit incredibly user friendly Camtasia…sorry Jing, but you did NOT float my boat! Also, I may have been trying to cram too much into this trailer by adding book-talking and RA elements. Still I’m happy with the final product and can already see how to improve the quality of future videos. I may not be a paid librarian yet, but I sure am having fun pretending to be one 😉

Hacking Timbuktu

Davies, S. (2010). Hacking Timbuktu: A novel. Boston [Mass.: Clarion Books.

Does this code make sense to you?

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
list *1, *new;
int *result;

if (argc next = 1; 1 = new
new = mk_list (“3, available ips);
new->next = 1; 1 = new

cl = clnt_create(argv[1], “tcp”);
result = tunnel1_1(1, cl);
if (result == NULL) {
printf (“error: Timbuktu tunnel blocked!\n”);
return 1;
printf (“client: Timbuktu tunnel open!\n”, *result);

return 0;

If the code does make sense to you I‘m pretty sure you’ll like this book… if it doesn’t make any sense you’re in the same boat I am, but don’t worry I loved this book!

By chance our protagonist Danny Temple a burgeoning parkour expert and master hacker along with his best friend Omar “Grimps” Dupont a francophone and master at parkour (see videos at the bottom of this post), find themselves in possession of a magic square which contains the map to two million mithqals of gold.

It takes a Dogon to recognize a Nommo

1 mithqal ≈ 3.6 grams ∴ 2 000 000 mithqals = 7 200 000 grams
1 troy ounce = 31.1034768 grams ∴ 7 200 000 grams = 231 511.25 troy ounces

Now here’s the juicy part!

As of 09/17/2011 gold was trading at $1771.32 per troy ounce
231 511.25 troy ounces x $1771.32/oz = $410 080 507.35 !!!

Not too shabby, eh.

Now all Danny and Omar have to do to get the money is decipher the map, avoid capture from various security guards, the London police, and crazed treasure hunters from the Facebook group: the Knights of Akonio Dolo. Oh ya, and they also have to fly from England to Mali without any money, avoid being killed by the manuscript mugger, and figure out how to carry two thousand mithqals of gold from the middle of nowhere back to the Bank of Africa. Simple, right? Well, if you disagree, I’d like to see you try (you can start by at least reading the book :p )

I’m not an especially fast reader but I have been plowing through this book. The chapters mostly flip between Danny and Omar’s journey towards decoding the map and the Manuscript muggers similar journey in Mali. This keeps the action fresher, IMHO. The scenes where the author is describing events of hacking and parkour move at a similar pace as a movie quick, action-packed and thrilling!

About Parkour:

Parkour (sometimes abbreviated to PK), AKA; Free Running AKA l’art du déplacement (the art of movement) is the physical discipline of training to overcome any obstacle within one’s path by adapting one’s movements to the environment. I’m particularly interested in it as when i was young, growing up in an urban center I loved climbing around on buildings and seeing the city from above. Assuming trespassing laws aren’t broken to blatantly I feel this is a great exercise for kids, a touch of danger, the thrill of independence and the benefits of physical activity. After all kids traditionally are supposed to monkey around in trees. Buildings replaced trees, so naturally kids gotta monkey around on building now. That being said, i never tried anything as fancy as parkouring so don’t be an idiot and try out the parkour moves you see in the following videos. As Omar says in the book: “those who parkour practice not just until they get something right, they practice until they can’t get something wrong.” Words to LIVE by if you catch my drift.

Here’s a video of some sick looking moves:

And here’s a video explaining the philosophy of parkour: The Art of Motion

Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend (Musical group). (2010). Contra. London, England: XL Recordings.
So, I was at Sappyfest last weekend and seriously, this was the music I most enjoyed from a four day excursion. The fact that a CD beat out live music is a powerfully indication as to the groups talents (or a an indication that Sappyfest organizers need to scrounge a little harder to find better artists… Although, everyone else seemed to like the tunes so maybe I was just at the wrong festival. Moving forward).

This album is a nice mix between the electro-Indie pop beats I’ve been becoming more and more fond of (artists such as Muse, The Knife, Austra, and I’m sure a million more) and realistic yet artful lyrics. I doubt if many teens will fully appreciate the goose-bump producing defeatism that trembles beneath the lyrics of “Giving Up the Gun” a sentimental reflection on watching someone else give up on their dreams while refusing to give up on their own. I was really reminded of Pink Floyd’s “Time” in that both songs “rage against the dying of the light” so to speak.

This leads me to the second point I would like to mention about this band, something that markedly separates them from Pink Floyd and many current like-sounding bands: Vampire Weekend produce HAPPY, POSITIVE music. Seriously! I am a grump and I gravitate towards depressive, soul-tattering tunes… but VW is a welcome departure from this trend!

Playful energy that underlies almost every track. This is a muthatruckin’ FUN album to listen to. Apparently their first,album, self-titled, is also the shit (according to allmusic.com).

The proof’s in the pudding so as always I encourage you to judge for yourself and form your own opinions about this music:

Lady Gaga – Oh lala

I bet that anyone who has heard at least five Lady Gaga songs will be a fan of at least one (probably two) of them. Whether they are open with this or stubbornly feign superiority, only to return home and submit to a personal Youtube dance party, the bond will be there. Her debut The Fame is a party waiting to be played. Despite the (over)exposure of songs like Pokerface and Lovegame I will never tire of those opening bars. Her new album, Born this Way still won’t be released for a few days yet, but thanks to the magic of the internet I’ve already been able to hear a quarter of it. Nothing’s jumped out at me yet, but it has got my foot tappin’ and I must admit that kind of makes me even more eager to hear the album.
In addition to being a brave artist Stefani Germanotta/Lady Gaga/Mother Monster is also a really nice person. This personal address by Lady Gaga is a perfect example of why lady gaga deserves to get respect and at the same time will also provide you with the live performance of two of her new tracks Judas and Born this way.

Another weird sign of Lady Gaga’s popular appeal is this ad for Gagaville bthat has been appearing in the sidebar of my Facebook page recently: Gagaville!?! WTF!!!
Finally, Grannies and Gaga together at last!

Whether you like or not (but secretly do like her anyway) you’ve gotta let a person grow! She’s come along way from writing lyrics for Britney Spears and that’s a good thing (maybe not so much for Britney, but that’s not the fish I’m frying right now).

The Vlogbrothers

Green, J. & Green H. Vlogbrothers Channel [Video file]. Retrieved from http://www.youtube.com/user/vlogbrothers

I consider myself lucky to have the friends that I have. In addition to being awesome generally they are all very good at constantly recommending stuff for me to check out… and no they are not ALL librarians, although they are all adults*. Not that being a librarian is a suspect thing. Librarians posses a very wide breadth of knowledge and generally are capable of navigating the interconnected infrastructures of information… also they can be authors, geologist, military personnel, or ninjas** in addition to being librarians which is friggin’ sweet.

The point is, a friend of mine recommend I watch some Vlogbrothers action on Youtube. Of course upon her initial suggestion I was like “Yea! Sounds awesome, I’ll check that out for sure!” Fast forward four or five months… and bang! Boom! I check that shit out! And you know what? It is great.

Reasons the Vlogbrothers are great:
1. They are funny
2. They are smart

(Warning: Can get QUITE nerdy at parts. As an amateur snob it is with relish that I deride some of Hank’s “character” voices. BUT, if you watch enough episodes of both Vlogbrothers and you will learn things that will make you a better person, both academically and socially.)

3. John is a writer and it is really cool to have a tangible sense of “knowing him” by watching him and his brother interact. This intensifies the reading his of books a great deal, or at least it did for me.
4. According to Johns calculations Vlogbrother videos have been viewed 122 000 000 times. In fact their Youtube channel has more subscribers than Operah…Pwned!!!

My favourite episodes are too numerous to list, in addition to the fact that I haven’t watched all of the 820 videos uploaded, nor have I seen all of the episodes of Brotherhood 2.0, the experiment that began this whole online brother phenomenon.
Still I would recommend the episodes where John plays Google auto-fill, the two episodes involving Hank setting the punishment for John missing his turn at sending a vlog entry and the subsequent video of John eating a fat sandwich. And John defending himself from claims by fanatics that he is a “pornographer.”

I’ll be done John Green’s Paper Town in a few days. I’ll tell ya how I feel about by and bye. (So far it’s awesome, can you believe it).

PS – They also have a website for Nerdfighters and other open minded folks. Don’t forget to be awesome!

* They have their own jobs, houses, cars, and grey hairs can be found randomly across their heads.

**Okay so, I don’t know anyone who is ACTUALLY both a ninja and a librarian. However according to this infographic Martial arts ranks above blogging in librarians interests. I find this a highly dubious statement.