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Adele & My obsession with Youtube remixes

I friend of mine recently sent me this link on Facebook, and to be honest I took my time getting around to listening to it. I’m glad I took my time beause it has allowed me to be able to talk to you about an important subject: The expansion of enjoying your favourite songs by finding remixes of them on Youtube. I have been doing this for a while now (and loving it!), but I’d never heard of Adele before and was pleased with the quality of the remixes I was hearing online. I am a fan of dub, music. This is one of the finest contemporary dub songs ever made…EVER: Witness Dub by Roots Manuva!

In case you’re not familiar with her, here’s the low don on Adele. SHe’s from Britain and in 2007 she gained fame with the opening track, Daydreamer, of her debut album, 19. Way to go Adele (even though you’d look a lot more powerful without the smoke)!

Anyway, the point is that after I heard the remix my friend had sent me I did a search for some dubbier versions of Adele’s song.
This one is my favourite, nice dirty base, with a decent depth of sound: Dubstep Bondo Remix.

As a runner up I’m including this track: Dubstep Remix. The reason this remix is second is because it may sound alright at first, but after you’re heard ten dubstep remixes you’ll realize how formulaic this remix is. It is a nice effort I will give it that, but remixes are ( I feel ) about asserting creativity and this song sounds like a musical version of connect the dots.

For anyone interested in what the orginal album version of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep sounds like check it out here, and enjoy it… it’s good!